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Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceiling is the best finish for harmonizing ceilings, making settings particularly pleasant, original, animated and different.

Stretch ceilings are self-supporting membranes. Ideal for creating flat or curved surfaces, through different kinds of finish i.e. matt, satin, mirror lacquer, backlight translucent, printed, perforated, acoustic, textile and metallic ceilings. All available in many colors.

Minimum space between ceiling and stretch ceiling is 3 cm. Assembly is made using hot air generator, without dust or waste materials. Stretch ceiling is a false ceiling so recessed luminaires, loudspeaker etc. can be installed on it, with their appropriate kits.

Painting is not required throughout time. 

Stretch ceiling is the solution to emphasize interior design and setting details.

Our stretch ceilings are safe and fully certified under the European Requirements and Test Methods for stretched ceilings EN 14716:2004.

All our stretch ceilings can be dismantled and reassembled.

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